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Choose Life Chat Challenges

We are now engaged in combating the most significant threat to Choose Life’s chat coaching program that we’ve ever encountered.

After a recent, honest assessment of our chat’s effectiveness the numbers are in.

Our median response time is 26 minutes of wait time. That is the time before our volunteers first respond to an incoming message.

Realistically, we have a 2 minute window to catch our live conversations. That's two minutes to start a gospel conversation or lose the chance.

Our 26 minutes isn’t even close in terms of internet waiting time. We’re measurably missing it, and missing it means we’re missing Gospel-centered chats.

When we aren’t there, it means we’re disappointing already crushed souls. We need to completely overhaul our internal chat system procedure.

We also need to recruit new volunteers to maintain a more caring, and effective service.

To continue effective outreach with a smaller time window, we need to expand our advertising repertoire and up our ad budget. We’re confident God is going to provide, but it’s a big step with lots of moving pieces that need to move into place.

Our Choose Life goal is 100+ hours of live-chat time with Japanese seekers by Dec. 31st, 2021.

Please join us in prayer to reach this milestone:
  • To hear God's direction clearly in this
  • For new Japanese speaking volunteers who love Jesus and love serving others
  • To get new video ads up and running effectively on new platforms
  • For additional Choose Life finances to cover a new chat platform

Suggestions, solutions or smiles are very welcome. I will kindly respond to all of the above. Let me know in your email reply!
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