It's gonna be a good week

It's gonna be a good week
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International Hope and Other Practices

It's been faith-building listening to the ongoing "Kansas City Prophets" series. It's a deep dive into the prophetic, intricate web of providence behind Pastor Mike Bickle and IHOPKC.

It highlights the faithfulness of leaders despite (sometimes heavy) opposition to God's call. You'll hear helpful commentary throughout the series, as the hosts provide clarity on select issues with the men and women involved in the process. But the hosts aren't throwing the baby out with the bathwater either. It's a very positive and faith-inspiring listen. God is working, wanting genuine repentance and revival in our world (even when the people working with it make it messy sometimes).

These are only a few of the many reasons to keep an eye on this story. Sam Storms is releasing the untold story of God's history with the International House of Prayer, KC.

You can find a video version of the story on Remnant Radio (a great podcast, btw):

Sam Storm's solo-retelling of this remarkable, real history is also on his podcast:​

🍎 Apple Podcasts:

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✳️ Spotify: ​

International Praise Break

International worship is epic. YouTube and other streaming services have opened up a wider variety of global worship music for anyone to enjoy. It's a bit like God who has always treasured the praises of his people worldwide.

If you haven't heard anything from the Nigerian Afro-Gospel sensation Limoblaze, check him out.

He's my go-to for joyful, properly rhythmic Christ-honoring music. Lecrae started collaborating with him in the last two or three years, which is how I stumbled onto his work. They recently recorded a perfect afro-beat remix of Maverick City's hit praise tune "Jireh".

"Jireh (My Provider)" featuring Lecrae, Limoblaze, and Happi.

"Your Love" is one of Limo's breakout hits​

🤯 "Blow My Mind" (a surprisingly chill beat though)


While you're at it...

Feel free to check out 2 of my favorite Japanese worship songs. Our church just happens to have some excellent recordings on YouTube.

From Glory to Glory (English and Japanese)


Shitaimotomemasu (Japanese)​

Interrupting a Hiatus and Other Progress

While our Life Groups are continuing, we took a brief break from our online chats with Choose Life.

Our break helped the volunteers and gave me more time to serve our local church in graphic design, video editing, and project management. While we are still praying for guidance about the future, we have taken small steps to start accepting online chats again to help people in Japan.

Right now, we are speaking with a Japanese woman about her struggles in her faith. She found Jesus and an evangelical church by responding to a tract that her child handed her! Never underestimate the impact of a simple invitation, even to a child.

Please pray that this seeker understands how thoroughly Jesus forgives us in his work on the cross. Please also pray for healing in Japan as the nation mourns the shocking assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on September 27th.

Thanks for your prayers and continued support of our church planting in Noborito.

Do you have any favorite international artists or ministries?