Seth Quant
Dear friend,

In nearly 7 years of cross-cultural missions, my vision of Japan as a passionate, Christ-exalting nation remains strong. The Lord has planted our church community in a growing train hub next to Tokyo; it's called Noborito. More than 38,000,000 people live in our metro area, roughly the size of Connecticut.

With a generous portion of God's grace and your help, I've been growing into my roles as Church Planter, Choose Life Director, and Leader of Paz English Club. All the positions are part of our strategy to help people see that Jesus is generous and he changes everything for the better.

What have you been doing for the past 6 years in Japan?
Each year is vital in shaping my understanding of fast-paced Tokyo dwellers and their entrenched cultural philosophies. Japan's language remains a beast to master. My 8 years of 日本語 study is beginning to approach fluency. Investing for life is not optional here. There have been many conversations with friends about Jesus, I look forward to many more.

Full-time ministry has proven to be rewarding and challenging. We've met God-appointed guys like Daiki and Geordie in 2021 that have just started their discipleship journeys. We're praying for more men and women to find joy and peace in Christ like these two.

Our church has grown and adapted in 2021 into an online service at 9:30 am, and an in-person service at 11:15 am. In March 2022, we will acclimate again to two live-stream services and the volunteers necessary to do it with excellence. Of course the key part of all of this is strong family group leaders. We're believing for 16 more servant-leaders, so that each leader pastors their smaller congregation well.

We are also preparing to plant our second Paz Church in Hiratsuka, starting fall 2022. This coastal city in the western part of Kanagawa aims to give existing Japanese leaders real pastoral care experience while training new leaders.

Our Choose Life ministry continues to develop our approach to meet the relational, spiritual, and emotional challenges of this hour. In 2021 we expanded our outreach into a robust omnichannel communication platform, started in-person Bible-based recovery groups, and began training leaders for future step-study recovery programs.

But isn't Japan already a wealthy, healthy, and happy nation?
Japan is, after all, the legendary homeland of sumo, sushi, and samurai.

A quick history lesson: Japan's unique cultural practices were preserved due to Japan's border-closing Sakoku Edict, which was active from 1625 -1852. In short, they closed the country to all foreign influence. These same political changes also resulted in violent opposition to Christianity. Many Japanese believers faced cruel martyrdom. Tragically, this oppression lasted until the late 19th century.

Fast forward to today, and Japan is facing severe nationwide struggles with hopelessness, overwork, and population decline. Suicide remains the leading cause of death for those aged 15 - 39 in Japan.​ ​Choose Life counters this trend with hope-filled conversations in response to Google searches for" 死にたい" ("I want to die").​ ​Our platform positions us to continue serving significant emotional and spiritual needs in 2022 with your help!

Experience in Japan uniquely qualifies us to serve this community:
  • We're building on 3 years of experience serving hurting Japanese people with Choose Life:
  • We realize that English as outreach is always attractive in Japan.
  • Paz English Club continues to be an educational outreach offering relationships and a free space to practice English.
  • Church planting and family groups are key to taking care of every Christian well. Japanese church communities find space to be at a premium, making small groups ideal.

We continue to refine our RIPLS strategy to reach Japan. RIPLS stands for:
  • Reaching (those who don't know Jesus or who have fallen away)
  • Integrating (them into church families where they are well taken care of)
  • Preparing (members for leadership)
  • Launching (members into leadership or service roles)
  • Supporting (the current leaders)

Would you join me financially in serving Paz Church and Choose Life during this critical time?

Sold-out for this mission, I have been challenged to give more towards our church planting effort next year. By faith, my focus is still set on full-time work with Choose Life and Paz Church projects. Friends in Japan and the US have expressed how valued this mission is, giving 100% of my personal financial support goal monthly. ​This means we can give directly to our church planting efforts next year! Right now, our total monthly church giving is about $6000 short of providing the financial support needed for our new church plant in Fall 2022.

Would you join our church in Japan in giving monthly to push the needle of Japanese believers above 1%?

How to donate:
  1. >Visit
  2. >Click "Monthly" -or- >Click "One Time Gift"
  3. >Click "- Please, Choose -" it's under "Donation to"
  4. >Click "Quant, Seth" in the dropdown menu
  5. X Ignore the "National Worker" section X
  6. >Type in your first name, last name, email, and how much you are led to give
  7. >Click "Continue to donate"
  8. >Finish entering your donation information on the credit card portal page

My Personal Support Goal was to raise $3,700 in monthly financial partnerships. As of last month, it was $3630 in average monthly gifts. Thank you so much, and praise God, we met this goal together!! ????

The 2021 Monthly Financial Breakdown:
$2176 – the cost of living: This helps me devote my time to serving in Japan by working with Paz church projects like our Coffee Shop, discipling people, and working to end suicide with Choose Life.​ The amount includes my salary and miscellaneous income. We're equipping future leaders of Japan by living life together; thank you so much.

$500 – ministry expenses​: Including Paz Bible College tuition fees, miscellaneous Choose Life fees, Paz Church web advertising fees, books, and Japanese language education expenses. It also includes meeting sudden financial needs in our church community, my tithe, and giving to other exciting Jesus-centered projects worldwide.

$106 – fundraising expenses:​ This includes website hosting costs, furlough travel, and printing expenses for fundraising purposes.

Due to the nature of these donations, the amount donated fluctuates significantly seasonally and also from month to month. Contributions above the expenses are presently being saved as a provision for growth into a different position on the field (or, Lord willing, a family) someday.

After another year of data, we will better anticipate a typical monthly contribution during that month of the year. Some significant donors have also indicated they may cut back on gifts in 2022, having agreed to help only with my first year.

​Would you prayerfully consider giving $75 monthly to help us plant our Paz Church in Hiratsuka next year?

Your tax-deductible gift will be handled with complete integrity through our 501C3 organization PAZ International. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has audited our PAZ International books and financial statements since 1999.

Moving Forward!

Our vision is still glorifying God by planting churches and curbing suicide in Japan. Our online chat services and in-person group counseling ministries will grow until Japanese society is radically transformed by the hope only Jesus gives. Paz Church Japan is a life-giving, society shifting ministry ​—​ with your help.

Partner with us to display the love of Jesus in Japan. It's a captivating nation. But it's one living as captives to sin without Christ. Will you help us share hope and His love today?

The harvest is plentiful,
Seth Quant

Director of Choose Life
Missionary with PAZ International