Dear friend,

In over 5 years of cross-cultural missions, my vision to see Japan as a passionate, missionary sending nation remains strong. The Lord has planted me in the incredibly influential and vastly unreached megalopolis, Tokyo, specifically in Noborito. More than 38,000,000 people live here, in an area the size of Connecticut! On May 25th, I'm starting mission work full-time, advancing two of our church planting strategies to win Japan for Jesus: PAZ Coffee Shop and Choose Life!

What have you been doing for the past 5 years in Japan?

These years have been vital in shaping my understanding of the fast-paced Tokyo lifestyle and its rich culture. Japan’s language is a beast to master; I’ve needed hundreds of study hours and complete immersion to approach fluency. Investing extra-long-term here is essential.

Launching into full-time ministry earlier would have been premature. After 3 years of local church ministry, our church has grown to a critical mass. We need more workers in our harvest field, specifically in PAZ Coffee Shop and the Choose Life project. Already accepted as a PAZ International missionary, I am excited to sow even more energy into God’s mission here. Healthy growth means—2020 is missionary transition time!

Isn’t Japan already a wealthy, healthy, and happy nation?

Japan is the legendary homeland of sumo, sushi, and samurai. These cultural practices were preserved thanks to Japan’s border-closing Sakoku Edict, active from 1625 -1852. These same political changes also resulted in violent opposition to Christianity. Many believers faced cruel martyrdom. Tragically, this oppression lasted until the late 19th century.

Presently, our archipelago faces monumental challenges.  With an aging population and an abysmal birth-rate, the ratio of laborers to retirees will be unsustainable by 2050. Many young people struggle with hopelessness. Of the 20 OECD nations, Japanese youth are the most unhappy. Suicide is a tragically high cause of death for those aged 10 - 14 in Japan.  Nationwide, only 0.6% of all Japanese people identify as evangelical Christians. Society desperately needs hope in Jesus and a return to biblical values.

Knowing healthy local churches are God’s New Testament solution, we are multiplying PAZ Churches in the heart of Japan!

Experience uniquely qualifies our church planting team to serve this community.

  • We are committed to training Japanese leaders to multiply healthy churches. Each week I pour into my tri-lingual family group and engage in one-to-one discipleship where leaders are formed.
  • Building on success in cross-cultural church planting in Santarém, Brazil, we have tailored our MDA church planting and outreach model to work even more effectively in Japan.
  • We are using innovative strategies and profitable businesses like Paz Coffee Shop to make this mission a sustainable success while opening more doors for ministry.

Would you join me financially in planting Japanese churches at this critical time?

Sold-out for this mission, I have been saving and investing in this transition. Looking ahead to May, I will resign my full-time teaching position in April to volunteer full-time with PAZ Coffee Shop and Choose Life. Friends in Japan and the US have already expressed how valued this work is, with some committing to give $25 or more per month. Would you join us in giving?

The goal is to raise $3,330 in monthly financial giving by May 25th, 2020.

The Financial Breakdown:

$1,186 – general living expenses - will help me devote myself to serving in Japan, planting churches full-time. This is rent, groceries, and utilities. To build experience for future PAZ Coffee Shop/PAZ Church plants, I will be serving about 30 hours a week as a barista cultivating relationships with the Noborito community. Also, I will operate as PAZ Church’s lead sound technician and tech lead for the Choose Life Suicide prevention ministry. I also serve in one-to-one discipleship meetings, and as a family group leader reach Sunday. We're equipping future leaders of Japan together!

$1,422 – savings, taxes, and insurance - As a PAZ International missionary, I have committed to living a completely debt-free, biblically-based lifestyle. This amount includes honoring the local government with tax payments, adjustments for furlough travel each year, preparations for retirement, and also long-term savings provisions.

$552 – generosity - This includes meeting sudden needs in our church community, tithe, and giving to other missionaries with exciting gospel-centered projects around the world.

$170 – ministry expenses. This includes Paz Bible College tuition fees,  website costs, fundraising expenditures, and Japanese language educational expenses. A substantial part of this covers ongoing intensive bi-lingual Biblical study and training. Always more to learn!

Individual monthly donations.

This is a breakdown of the monthly donations needed. Would you prayerfully take one of these slots?

1 person at $1000.00

4 people at $100.00

2 people at $500.00

3 people at $50.00

3 people at $250.00

3 people at $10.00

Your gift will be handled with complete integrity through the 501C3 organization PAZ International. We are accountable to the ECFA.  The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has overseen all PAZ expenditures and financial statements since 1999. PAZ International remains a member in good standing.

Moving Forward!

Our vision is growing local churches through Coffee shops and suicide prevention ministry until millions of Japanese people know Jesus. PAZ Church Japan is that life-giving, society shifting church with your help.

Partner with us to shine the light of Christ in one of the largest, unreached communities in the world. Help us bring the people of Japan to Jesus!

Have an absolutely amazing day,

Seth Quant - Missionary for PAZ International