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I lead a Church-expanding, crisis response coaching movement so that Jesus-centered, joyful lives define Japan.

Seth Quant - PAZ International Missionary

I lead a Church-expanding, crisis response coaching movement; so that Jesus-centered, joyful lives define Japan. -Seth Quant

I lead a Church-expanding, crisis response coaching movement; so that Jesus-centered, joyful lives define Japan. -Seth Quant

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Why suicide prevention in Japan?

Many Japanese people battle hopelessness. According to OneHope's Global Youth Culture report 71% of teens here experience high levels of anxiety while 81% struggle with depression. Bullying, pressure to succeed, and other factors make suicide the leading cause of death for those aged 15 - 39 in Japan. In the last few years alone, our Choose Life ministry has served hope-filled ads in response to over 150,000 Google searches for "死にたい" ( "I want to die"). Your support directly brings the grace and hope of Jesus to millions in Tokyo who are suffering and have never heard about Him.

A Country in Crisis

On a larger scale Japan, with its aging population and an abysmal birth-rate, is finding its ratio of laborers to retirees already unsustainable. With no signs of improvement, the situation will be utterly unmanageable by 2050. This is additional pressure on many families already torn apart by crushing work hours, promiscuity, and an atmosphere of shame-induced stress. Nationwide, a scant 0.6% of the population identifies as an evangelical Christian. Among Japanese teens, 57% have never met any Christians at all. Society desperately needs both the hope found in Jesus and a radical shift to embrace biblical values.

This crisis calls for action. We're positioned to fight for this culture and these lives with your help.

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Help Save Lives on the Line

You can help by saving lives in Tokyo effected by suicide. Your support turns tragedy into testimonies founded on true freedom in Christ.
"The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen."
—G.K. Chesterton