A testimony too good not to share

A testimony too good not to share
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This testimony is fresh from the Life Group that we started in March 2021. This first Life Group is expected to finish their program towards the end of 2022. We are excited to invite new members into our next groups in 2023.
A 2022 Life Group Recovery Program Testimony
Before starting Life Group, my day-to-day overflowed with frustration and anger. I didn't know God.​
The family I grew up in was troubled and secretive, and I rarely felt secure at home. Throughout childhood, I regularly felt my family did not care about me. My home environment prevented me from asking for help from others. It was nearly impossible to rely on my family for anything. My relationships outside my family became especially difficult as well.
​These difficulties and insecurities carried into raising my oldest son. I strictly controlled him. My anger and verbal abuse became weapons to correct him when he misbehaved. I thought this was going to help him succeed. He developed behavioral problems, delinquencies, accidents, and incidents that constantly troubled me.​
The fallout from his behavior became a primary reason I started and remained in the Life Group program. At the beginning of the program, I finally admitted I was wrong, confessing I was not God. It was a tremendous change in my life.​
I wrote down the things that hurt me for the Life Group mental inventory. Realizing I was not responsible for many things that deeply wounded me was a huge relief. In this inventory, I also wrote down some things for which I was grateful. This reflection made me confront my responsibility for the people I hurt. It became clear that I felt sorry for myself as a child and could not let go until I was much older. This prevented me from forgiving those who had hurt me. Naturally, others hurt me, and I hurt others. I blamed others for my mistakes.​
After the inventory, I crucified and buried my old self. Then I was able to forgive others. I took responsibility for making amends to others and began to make things right again. Praise God; now I am new.​
My first son was an incredible blessing, and God had entrusted him to me. The painful experiences with raising my oldest son have become a blessing that has enriched my life. Recently, my oldest son started a family, and our family has grown. It has been a joy for my family, bringing healing and restoration. God's plan is Amazing!​
This program taught me to know God and myself. I learned to be still and to keep going. I was given friends. Throughout the program's steps, the Lord was always in the center and treated me with great care and respect. He also taught me responsibility.​
I am sure there will be many challenges to come. But I feel secure in Jesus because of my experience in this program.​
Thank you, God! I really look forward to building our relationship now and forever!


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