Freedom at Haneda

Freedom at Haneda
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Sitting in a library...

I mean, the completely vacant Haneda Airport might make you think about freedom. Especially release from mandatory masks and extra covid testing someday. 🤞🏻

Near our beloved Tama river and Tokyo Bay, this 5-star airport, boasting some of the best customer service and ambiance in the world, is a ghost town.

Unfortunately, I can't make my traditional last-minute impulse purchase at Uniqlo for homies in the States. Delightful Anime and Snoopy-themed t-shirts will have to wait a year, friends.

Behind the security checkpoint, Gucci is closed. Fifty percent of the restaurants have been replaced with black metal doors. No Bvlgari for you, sir.

It remains an unprecedented global season for our 21st-century world.

There's freedom for the gentleman in the seats behind me to sprawl out, fall asleep and start snoring. There is plenty of space for the janitors to do their job with no pesky bottoms in chairs or visitors in bathrooms.

But really, freedom seems to require an object to be free from.
So, what exactly are you free from? Free from people who make your job more difficult? Free from "old-fashioned" ideas?

American culture, in particular, is famous for presently defining freedom as the ability to "kinda do whatever you want." Do whatever feels good. No one is really talking about what freedom is based on, so the whole thing has become hazy and malleable.

For some, it's a "kinda do whatever feels good" world. Fortunately, murder is still out for the time being. Unless you are helpless, under nine months old, and "look weird."

Freedom from sin is underrated these days. But it's actually of the highest importance to all of us. God cares about justice and people.

Freedom from a tyrannical dictator is an excellent thing. But freedom from all rules is not. Freedom to do whatever you feel like is also awful in the long term.

What are your thoughts about freedom? Do you sense that you're free?