Happy Humble Birthday Jesus: A Christmas Poem

Happy Humble Birthday Jesus: A Christmas Poem

"Know this birth and our Hero’s clan
First dawning day lights up the Man
A lowly servant, baby boy
Christmas’ faith and hope and joy

Eternity in two small hands
We meet the Son of God who plans
Fully predicted, have no doubt
Goodness He grows, evil shut out

All had waited, still they foretold
Surprised by Him, both meek and bold
Submitted will, our benefit
God’s glory calls us all, unfit

Consuming fire, precious flame
Poured on Him our ev’ry earned blame
Demeaning death for us, think shame
Still served to lift His holy name

Though humble birthday of our Friend,
Through Him, we’re born to live again"

Got any favorite poems? Any favorites for Christmas?
(John Piper's Christmas poem is excellent, btw)