Creeping Crisis in Japan

Creeping Crisis in Japan
There's nothing like Mt. Fuji

With Japan's aging population and a world-lowest birth-rate, is finding its ratio of laborers to retirees already unsustainable. With no signs of improvement, the situation (among others) will be unmanageable by 2050. This is unneeded pressure on families already torn apart by crushing work hours, promiscuity, and a pervasive atmosphere of shame-induced stress. Nationwide, a scant 0.6% of the population identifies as an evangelical Christian. Among Japanese teens, 57% have never met any Christians at all. Society needs both the hope found in Jesus and a radical shift to embrace biblical values.

This calls for action.

Our Family Group, Choose Life, and Paz Church team, are well positioned to take good care of many Japanese believers.

But we can only keep advancing our work with your help.