Celebrating Life in Japan!

Celebrating Life in Japan!
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おはようございます!(Good morning! Hopefully, that's relevant to you. 🤔)


Writing it down just to cement the muscle memory of it.


Here is a fun fact for you. Japanese characters take up more horizontal space and more memory when typed out on your computer.

Actually, they're Chinese characters. 漢字 are not a Japanese invention.

Physically these multi-stroke characters take up more memory in your computer than individual alphabet characters do. Japanese 漢字 (kanji) are more information-rich constructions than, say, the letter A. This is because they communicate meaning directly along with associated pronunciations.

It makes them harder to learn to read as well. 😅 Computing technology is terrific because it allows us to read, write, and use detailed information at incredible speeds from the tiniest possible size. 🤯

Kanji also function as natural sentence breaks, allowing Japanese people to read quickly without spaces between words.

Been praying (and walking) a lot over the last few weeks.

There's gotta be a direction from God for every season. Haven't fully figured mine out for the year yet. Slowly but surely seeing more of it.

Looking forward to serving all of you with some exciting news (and a solid video or two) in the next few weeks!

The plans are in stealth mode. 👟 But, we will likely be making some changes to Choose Life and our web offerings.

Thank you so much for making all of this possible. I'm really thankful for your support. Together we're moving the Christian population way past 1% by faith, in Jesus's name!

Celebrating Life in Japan!

Today, one of the most successful outreach ministries in Japan is stewarded carefully by my good friends and fellow Paz International Missionaries, Pastors Nate and Ruth Reutter. Their four kiddos are pretty cool too.

It's a ministry infiltrating homes, computers, and cell phones worldwide. After a season of prayer, Nate started his weekly YouTube vlog, In response to the Holy Spirit. The weekly episodes feature adventures of his blond-haired, blue-eyed family in Japan.

Life in Japan uploaded its first episode on April 29, 2018. It's been 143 weeks of family fun since then!

Japanese people notice that the cross-cultural Reutter family is founded on Biblical principles. Spectators hear the heart behind the laughter and are invited to consider faith in Jesus. It's no secret that they regularly attend church and are very involved. Sometimes it's more subtle evangelism, but you can't argue with transformed lives and healthy families.

In short, the Reutter family embodies faith and joy in Jesus on YouTube in Japan each week.

We're celebrating LIJ's milestone of gaining 100,000 subscribers! God has been planting seeds for three years. Two members of our church have already joined simply from seeing the show. We can't wait to welcome more of God's harvest as it comes in.

Incidentally, you can watch me playing Mario Golf with Pr. Nate and Pr. Ben on Life in Japan's episode that was just released! It's episode 144 at the time of this writing. (January 28, 2022) If you go back to Life in Japan's early videos, you can also see quite a bit of our Paz Church history over the last three years. You'll learn plenty about Japanese culture in Japan too.👇🏻

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Do you have any YouTube recommendations for me? Any Words of Wisdom? A Word of Knowledge? Let me know, I'm all ears. 😄

The harvest is plentiful,
Seth Quant