Giving Christmas

Giving Christmas
Photo by Greyson Joralemon / Unsplash

Thank you so much for helping us give the Gospel this Christmas. In many ways!

You help our volunteer team and me to share Jesus' love through our online Choose Life counseling chats through

One high school student this week told us they found peace knowing Jesus is willing and able to forgive all sins. This precious young person considered death an alternative to a life they didn't yet see hope for.

Jesus is that hope.

We also finished two Life Group recovery programs and have been in meetings planning the following online support groups for 2023. People will find healing in God's word and His church this next year.

Christ is that healing, and he works it through his spirit-empowered community.

You're also helping us host our most significant outreach event this Sunday!

It's practically Christmas! We're excited! With all our friends, invites, and some advertising, we expect more than 130 people for each of our three services! Our church will be packed with men, women, and children who know nothing about Christ or his birth.

Our King is worthy. Worthy of every stadium and every building in every city packed full of passionate worshipers.

Since September, when Pr. Josiah shared his vision for our big Christmas outreach service this year; we have been planning social media updates, a photo booth, special music, extra decorations, a gospel choir, a choreographed children's dance, two candlelight services, and more. (like free coffee!) ☕

Stay tuned for our update from Christmas 2022 and an epic compilation of our footage from the event!

Please pray that each visitor on Sunday comes ready to hear and receive Jesus as Lord. 🙏🏻 Practically speaking, 99% of all Japanese citizens need Christ's hope and salvation.

Temporary wealth has an eternal impact when given to God for His Kingdom work.

Please consider committing to a life-changing monthly donation this holiday season. Please consider giving the gift of the Gospel through our church planting and suicide prevention with Choose Life.

By becoming a monthly supporter, you'll be planting the Gospel message at this breakthrough stage in Japan. The gospel message is taking root in the hearts of Kawasaki and Tokyo residents, but it's still in early growth. With only .5% of the Japanese population as evangelical Christians, missionary-supported church planting is vital.

If the end game is one growing church per every 2000 or 3000 people, you're investing in the most vital and early stage of gospel frontier impact.

Our efforts take the salvation of Jesus to Japanese families, who then share it with their loved ones in the coming years and decades. The multiplication of leaders, healings, churches, and salvations are in our DNA.

Are you ready to join us in making a culture-shifting impact for Jesus? Commit to giving monthly in support of Christ's mission in Japan today.